We are getting ready to open a new store in Historic Downtown Lake Wales and are very excited!!   I've always had a love of crafting, as well as a love for candy, so now to make a living at it... what more can a girl ask for!!!  I will be stocking lots of Candy Arrangements, as well as gift items some of which will be hand crafted.  I love to make items that are personalized, from mugs to t-shirts so there will be an ever changing  variety of gifts in the store so you'll have to check back often.  Our target opening date is April 1st, but that could change depending on how we progress.  I'll keep you posted!   


 For those of you who are not familiar with a Candy Arrangement, it's more than just a candy bar stuck on a stick in a pot!! ( also known as Candy Bouquets ). My arrangements are made with fun size candy bars, fluffed up with decorative cellophane  and then I add accents which make it personal.  I'll be keeping lots of arrangements in stock, but if you don't see what you need, just let me know and I'll create the perfect arrangement for you.  Personalization is always fun for me because it brings out my creativity!  

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  I'll keep you posted as things progress ( and as I learn more about this web site..lol )

Michele  and Bill too!